Coker Arboretum Engagement | Patrick + Rekha

Happy Monday everyone!! I have sooo much goodness to share this week! Starting with this sweet sweet Coker Arboretum Engagement session with Rekha and Patrick!

How did he pop the question you ask? He whisked her away for a weekend in the horse country of Virginia. He had it all planned - a lovely hike in the woods, the perfect moment where he would tell her all the things he loved about her, and of course the official proposal.

What they didn't account for? A bear... directly on their trail. So the original hike plan got squashed and abandoned the proposal postponed. But not intending to miss this perfect weekend, Patrick took her to a beautiful sunflower patch the next day. While she was distracted by all the swarming bees, he picked her up, placed her on a barrel, and pulled out the ring, finally getting to propose to the woman he loved.

We did Patrick and Rekha's engagement session only a mere week before their wedding, but we were so glad to get to meet them ahead of time, and see how sweet and happy they are together! Their traditional Indian wedding was the following Sunday at The Cotton Room, and we'll be sharing photographs from their big day on Wednesday, so be sure to come back to see!

But to tide you over... the engagement!

After walking a bit around on the UNC Chapel Hill campus, we headed over to what has become my favorite coffee shop in the whole area - Caffe Driade (even the name sounds amazing....) It was the perfect place to grab a glass of wine and relax as the sun set over the gorgeous town.

Don't forget to visit the blog again on Wednesday to see their beautiful wedding at The Cotton Room!!

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States