Color Coded | Burlington, NC Wedding Photography

I've been in organize mode this week. You know, where you can't just fold the laundry, but pull out and re-hang up every shirt/dress/skirt/jacket with color-coded hangers & their corresponding shoes.

What? That's not normal?! Okay, admittedly my closet isn't nearly that perfect (though I do have color-coded hangers...bygones...), but I have been desperately in the mood for every room in my house to be completed & fully decorated. I've even finally settled on an official theme for my living room - books. And I mean that quite literally. Thanks to all the small book stores near my home, I'm stocking up on actual hard cover books (they still make them you know, all you iPad/Kindle users...) and using them copiously to decorate my main area of relaxation. 

Because what better way to relax than to surround yourself with thousands of different worlds you can escape to at any time? #truth.  :)

Of course between bouts of organization, we've been keeping busy. We made it through our first bridal show, and now I'm working on what turned out to be a truly satisfying session with a girl with the BEST. NAME EVER. Um... her name was Ariana. Obvs. I don't usually non-wedding related sessions on the blog, but here's a little sneak peek of what an awesome dress, a gorgeous field and golden hour can do together... I just love the way these images turned out.

North Carolina Wedding Photography by Silver Feather Studios
North Carolina Wedding Photography by Silver Feather Studios

Happy Friday!