Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur

I can't believe it's August. The year is more than halfway over, and before you know it, wedding season will be done! It's been a crazy few months, but I admit, it hasn't been a particularly easy time. I've been a little... overwhelmed... with figuring out what I need to do, versus what I should do, versus what I WANT to do. It's all part of this crazy curve of being an entrepreneur (and a girl, because lets be real here, we have to add in that emotional component). Running a business that is constantly changing is a struggle, and there are a ton of lessons I'm learning and working through these days!

  the organized desk of a female entrepreneur. Image by Silver Feather Studios, brand and lifestyle photographer in graham, nc.

millennial burnout is a thing

I read this article the other day about millennial burnout syndrome and after spending a couple minutes trying to figure out if I fall into the realm of "millennial" (I do), I realized that this article described me waaayyy too accurately. Working all the time, freelancing one too many things, trying to maintain social media, work, and my home, while trying to maintain an air of authority and "got-it-together-ness". But it's SO HARD, and as much as I love the idea of outsourcing everything so I can focus on what I love, financial situations fluctuate all the time, and it's just not always possible!

Life Lesson: You're not going to be able to do it all. Scale back, rock what you do well, and ask for help!


I'm my worst critic

When I added on new services for SFS, I was so excited to help other people get their blogging going, to put more personality into their brands, and to do more! But we got busy, and every new client was a new experience for me, and i wanted EVERYTHING to be perfect. Of course then I was disappointed in my lack of planning or perfection, and worried that people were going to be disappointed. So far that hasn't been the case (that I know of) but it hasn't changed my over-analyzing of how things should be. 

The worst part? I got behind on my own work. Blogging. Editing. Snapchat. How do you offer to blog for, and help, other people when you can't keep yourself together?! Obviously I was making a HUGE MISTAKE and nobody could EVER TRUST ME because I'm clearly just making it up as I go along!!

Ahem... I was/am probably being way too hard on myself, but that's been my mental state for the past couple of months and I'm working  to pull it together. I've been through it before,  and I can totally do it again!

life lesson: you're not really failing unless you quit, so keep on keeping on and let yourself learn.


i need better self-care

I have let an entire day go by without eating. I get either too focused, or too distracted to actually sit down and have a healthy meal. This typically results in bad moods and an inability to keep my eyes open at 2pm. I also haven't had much "me time". I don't exercise or go out of town or even have regular lunches with my friends. It isn't until I'm in this slump that i remember how much I need those things. Thankfully, having a space at Co|Operative has been wonderful, and I have to remember to take full advantage of the social opportunities around me!

life lesson: take care of yourself first! get out, visit with friends, and stop carrying things by yourself!

  business besties and friendship. Image by Silver Feather Studios, brand and lifestyle photographer in graham, nc.

It's been a weird year. I'm LOVING the new direction, but I'm also terrified if I'm doing it right. But I think the only thing I can do wrong is quit and walk away. Plus 90% of the time, with a little prayer and perseverance, things typically work out. 

The point of this post was not just to lament and vent to the entire internet. It was to remind you that running a business is hard, and we ALL go through slumps. We all second guess ourselves, and sometimes we fake it until we make it. When that happens, consult your business bestie, spend some time with other people, or just go out and get some fresh air. Remember, you're not actually alone, you've just convinced yourself you are!

Happy bossing lovelies.

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States