Custom Stock Photography • Hair Designs by Dee •

It's one thing to sell a service, but to be able to market YOUR style and your type of service is no easy task. Which is why the Curl Connoisseur herself called me for another photo shoot for her hair salon, Hair Designs by Dee. This salon is filled with talented ladies, all who specialize in curly hair, so we needed a photo shoot to help them market those cuts, colors, and curly cuteness!

These are the custom stock images that we created from that shoot. You can see how she's used them to promote her business and brand on her Instagram page. One thing I worked hard to do is to keep these photos feeling approachable and personal. Dee and her team know her clients very well and put a lot of time and focus into their hair. I wanted photos to reflect that, and to not be "high fashion" or over-styled. I think her brand is beautifully reflected and I'm excited to see how she rocks these stock images for her business!