Downtown Raleigh Engagement | Jasmin + Dylan

We braved an ominous elevator, a creepy alley, several flights of stairs, and ridiculously large sized balloons to get this session... And it was totes worth it. Jasmin and Dylan are, simply put, HILARIOUS GOOFBALLS. I've had the privilege of attending and photographing weddings of each of heir siblings in the past, and there has never been an event where I could forget these two. Jasmin is Miss-Lip-Sync-on-the-dance-floor and Dylan has more than once proven he can smoulder and pose with many a bridal party. 

So when these two got engaged and called me up, I already predicted a ton of laughter in my future. I was right. These two are as silly and easy going as they come and I have enjoyed each minute with them so far. I can't wait to get down at their wedding in October!