Face to Face: Engagement Session Locations

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for stopping by today - we have something super special for you guys today. Brian and I are happy to introduce a new series we're calling Face to Face

Disclaimer: We tried this once before, like two years ago! It was a great first start, but I had a hard time convincing myself to get in the front of the camera again and talk so we only ever did one. Mostly because I find I have THE most annoying voice everrrr... Over the years I've come to terms with my voice, I guess, and am ready to try this all over again!

We've decided to start off with a little series on the topic of engagement sessions. This first episode is all about the location. Click on the video below to watch and then hop on over to YouTube to subscribe and be notified when we release the next one!

As promised in the video, here are a few examples of our couples who have used some of the ideas mentioned.

1. Janine & Devon: 

Devon proposed to Janine at a restaurant in Manayunk, so we used that area and street as a backdrop to their Philadelphia engagement session.

2. Kelly & Hugh

Kelly grew up in Chapel Hill, just a few streets away from the UNC Chapel Hill. It's also where she attended school. Again, perfect backdrop to tell their story.

3. Kim & Wally

Both of these two love everything about the Raleigh State Fair, and it's something that they do together every year. It certainly added a special touch to their session.

We hope you enjoyed this post today! If you have any ideas or questions for future episodes, feel free to leave them in the comments below. :)

Have a fabulous rest of the day!