Face to Face: Engagement Sessions - The Look

We are back with another episode of Face to Face! If you haven't seen Episode One of the engagement series on choosing a location, click on the link below:

Choosing a Location for Your Engagement Session

Caught up? Awesome, because that brings you to part two - getting the right look for your session. In this episode I give tips on:

  1. Choosing an outfit that matches your venue.
  2. Picking out clothes that bring out your best.
  3. How to feel super confident for your session.

Happy watching! :)

If you're looking for ideas, inspiration, colors, and outfit choices, follow our Pinterest board at www.pinterest.com/silverfeatherstudios, or click on the photo below!

We'll be recording and releasing the next video in the series in the next few weeks, so stop on by and check in.

Have a fabulous Friday! :)