Focused on a Cure | Piggin' Out for Pink Breast Cancer Survivor Film 2013

Almost everyone I know have been affected by cancer in some way.  Whether it's grandparents, brother or sister, wife or husband, or friend of a friend - it's a word that's very likely to come up sometime in our lives.

 Focused on a Cure is an organization that does anything it can to help others screen for and get through one form of that horrible disease, breast cancer.  Focused on a Cure just celebrated their 5th anniversary and this year Ariana and I were so happy to return and film another group of survivor's experiences with the disease.  

Listen to the way all their individual journeys through breast cancer interweave and the advice they have for folks who have to go down that road.  Hear about their honesty and fighting spirit facing their mortality.  See their smiles and affection for the husbands, wives, and sons and daughters that helped them along.  Enjoy the film!  :-D

See more of the awesome stuff Focused on a Cure accomplishes for local women on their Facebook page.