Gamer Engagement Session in Durham | Kenari + Brian

When the UNC and NC state chapters of Mu Beta Psi had a faceoff volleyball game, Brian couldn't help but notice the sassy chick who kept throwing out the sarcastic jabs across the volleyball court. She'd kept him laughing, but better than that, she'd laughed just as easily when he came back with his own playful insults.

From that point forward they came to find a comfortableness in each other. They shared the same love of gaming and an appreciation for all things geeky. They both felt the deep sharp pain of the cancellation of Firefly. And together they could be their truest, goofy selves, feeling more at home with each other, than apart.

When we met Kenari and Brian, we immediately knew that even if we never ever got to photograph them, we absolutely would somehow still end up as friends. Their love of Borderlands (one of the few games my Brian and I played through completely together!) added in with their love of Firefly (the first show my Brian and I watched together when we began dating) - it was a very quick connection. They were clearly OUR PEOPLE. And when they agreed to do their engagement session in their home so they could do their favorite thing (play video games), we got so excited because it was so so so THEM and that was perfect.

They'll be married at The Cotton Room this October, and I. Can't. Wait. Kenari and Brian - Our geeky love for you goes so very deep. 


The Watts

Watching them play video games made us just want to go home and finish our second playthrough in True Vault Hunter Mode... we didn't, but we're absolutely adding that to the winter gaming list...