Geeky Firefly-Themed Wedding at The Cotton Room | Kenari + Brian

Kenari's was never a girly girl, so her wedding day was filled with firsts. It was the first time she'd gotten her nails all professionally colored orange. The first time she would wear a frilly white dress. The second time Brian would possibly ever see her in makeup (the first being their engagement session!) She was trying new things, because on this day, she knew no matter what she was wearing, she was going to be marrying her best friend, and it was going to be hands down epic.

With tears freely flowing from both directions as Kenari walked down the aisle, Brian was absolutely blown away by that moment. These two, who had spent copious amounts of time cuddled together on the couch playing video games (complete with a two screen setup, b/c how else would you do it?!), they'd geeked out over board games and movies, and in just a few seconds, they would be committed to spending the rest of their lives being best friends.

Love like this? Be with you til the day you die.

Brian and Kenari, you two are... wow. Just, wow. From the second you emailed me, to the second we met, all the way to the day we delivered your images over beer and the Firefly board game, we have absolutely loved knowing you! We have bonded over video games, and 3D printing, and things that taste like apple pie. Your love of how cool metal prints are equally matches our obsession with them. You guys are the coolest people in the 'verse, and pretty much rock straight down to your core. And we swear by our pretty floral bonnets... this friendship shall never cease. Thank you for letting us know you. :)


Brian & Ariana

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States