Goodbye January and Hello 2015

Is it possible to start my year in February? Because guess what y'all? That's EXACTLY what I'm doing. January was a whirlwind of events and I feel like last year just didn't end. It snuck on for an extra month. And I love new beginnings, so I found that greatly disappointing. I didn't even find my perfect planner until the last week of January. 

So I'm starting my new year in February. Complete with my list of goals and a recap of 2014. I'm even combining my list of favorite images with a giveaway contest to win a 16x24 canvas - yeah, I know right?! It's a new start, and I'm excited and I'm just ignoring the "Did I miss an entire month?" panicky feeling. 

I've spent the past week gearing up for my 2015. I've planned the blog, prepared the taxes, and took the naps... and I'm ready! Bring it 2015, I'm so ready (now...)!

Since I've been pretty quiet online, I haven't entirely kept you guys in the loop with our latest projects, so here's a quick recap of what we have coming out in February...

I also had some amazing events and projects we've been involved in this past month. We set up for our first big bridal show, with Marry Me by TriadWeddings Magazine and had the chance to meet a bunch of amaaaazing people. (Many thanks to Mabyn Ludke for helping me out while I did my social media director thing at the event!)

Then this past Sunday, one of our friends, Billie Buskirk, had the grand opening of her venue, Villa de L'Amour. We were so excited for her, AND we had another opportunity to meet amazing brides and grooms as they planned for their weddings.

And finally, what may just have been the highlight of my entire month... Billie asked me to be a guest speaker at her very first networking luncheon at the Villa and it such an amazing experience. I got to shed some light on social media and editorial planning. I was ridiculously nervous getting up there in front of a room filled with people I barely knew. I'm definitely not an expert in social media and most of my advice, if not all, comes from personal research and good old fashioned trial and error. To get in front of people and give them advice is so crazy to me. I know the tips we share have worked for me, and I can only hope it works for them too!

Huge thanks to Aura Marzouk who took these incredible photos of me doing my thing. Can you tell I absoLUTely talk with my hands?!

It's been a fairly incredible month, but I'm ready for that fresh start and preparing myself to do things bigger and better in 2015. So goodbye January. Hello 2015. :)

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Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States