Hello February, Have You Seen January?

Okay, does anybody know where January went? How is it over already?! That was a HUGE month for me and I don't know how I squeezed so much into a few short weeks, but somehow I did.

I'm still tired. :P

Fortunately, it's February and you all know how much I love beginnings. And the beginning of the month started at the beginning of the week, so DOUBLE bonus! Aside from wrapping up this whole tax thing and other general business life changes, I've got tons of pretty stuff to share!

Like... these gorgeous shoots coming down the pipeline in the next couple of weeks.


We've got so much pretty to come - aren't you excited? I'm excited. (I've also been eating cinnamon rolls while I write this... so that excitement might be about 50% sugar...)

I can't wait to get you guys all caught up on the new and exciting things I did in January. Plus i've been reading again (yay!) and have books to talk about soon too! This year is starting out PERFECTLY!

Hope your Tuesday is as fabulous as you are!



Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States