Home Lifestyle Engagement in Greensboro | Kate + Stephen

With any engagement session, our goal is to walk away feeling as if we've told the story of our couple. With Kate and Stephen, we absolutely did. Their home lifestyle engagement session took place in their first apartment, a place they've now moved out of, but it was a PERFECT way to document this part of their lives. This was the first home where they'd woken up and made amazing (but slightly hipster-y) coffee together; where she got him to read more books, turned him into a bookworm like here, and therefore left them with books on both of their dressers; the place where their Game of Thrones obsession had expanded all over their kitchen counters. 

This was a milestone for them. They now live in a new house and in a month they'll be saying their vows, but this engagement session will always take them back to their beginning. 

Kate and Stephen, we can't wait for your wedding. You're a constant reminder of why we LOVE what we do, how awesome our clients are, and how grateful we are that we found each other!


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... first, the engagement trailer....