Lake Crabtree County Park Engagement | Lydia + Charles

Anytime a proposal ends in, "And then we went to go see Hunger Games," I know I'm going to love this couple madly! Lydia and Charles got engaged this past December over Christmas trees and ornaments and began planning for their beautiful wedding this upcoming August at The Highgrove. 

On a chilly January day we headed out to Lake Crabtree County Park and spent a couple of hours with them and their adorable dog Sammy. As we listened to the story of how they met and how they fell in love (despite the NC State v. UNC Tar Heel rivalry ever present in a North Carolinian), we could see how special these two were. It was clear that together they are better, stronger, and happier, and we couldn't be happier for them!

Their wedding is only a few months away, so enjoy this super romantic engagement trailer that will absolutely make you smile the whole time!!

And now... the images! Lydia makes the most adorable faces, and Charles has a way of looking at her in a way that says either "You're so cute, and I love you" or "You're absolutely a dork, and I love you." Either way it's awesome!

You guys didn't think I'd leave out your silly face photograph did you? Do you even know me at ALL?! :P  Can't wait until your big day!


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