Liberty of the Seas - 2013

Back in January, Ariana & I set off to take a week-long cruise vacation with friends. It was our end of the year reward to celebrate an awesome 2012. And celebrate we did! 

We had an amazing group of friends and spent the entire week laughing, relaxing, getting tanned and enjoying just being away from home. While we were walking around in tank tops and swim suits, we managed to completely forget it was January!

The ship we rode was Liberty of the Seas, out of Fort Lauderdale. We stopped twice - first in Haiti, then Jamaica. Ariana shopped her heart out, while I recorded most of the trip behind the lens. It took some time, but I've compiled what I feel is a "great" recap of this amazing vacation. Want to experience the fun we had? Grab your Rastafarian hat and your umbrella drink and click play below...