Life Lessons from Ten Years After High School

A couple weeks ago, everyone was graduating in Burlington and seeing all of these caps and gowns on my Facebook feed has me realizing that it officially has been ten years since I got my diploma and took my first steps into adulthood. In 10 years, I feel like I've grown so much, facing both the struggles of working for "the man", running my own business, and life in general. Today, i look back and.... zzzzz...zzzzz...


Okay that was the most boring synopsis of my last ten years EVER. And let's be real. I've only become a glorified high schooler, but WAY COOLER than I ever was. I gots a husband, and a business, and relax with way too many hours of video games. Half of my clothes are graphic tees or fandom related, and I fangirl harder than anyone I know. I am probably not doing this whole adulting thing right, but I don't care! 

The quiet, nerdy me I was back in high school? Her days are long over. Here's what 10 years of getting cooler has taught me (and now I bestow this wisdom on you). 

  1. Being a geek is something people actually really like about me instead of something I got called in school. Turns out authenticity is key in real life.
  2. I will never forget the lyrics to every song I ever sang in high school - even if I want to. You are beautiful, no matter what they say...
  3. Adulting is like 90% faking confidence, and about 1% actually knowing what I'm doing. The rest is Netflix.
  4. Adulting is actually really hard, and even though I thought I wanted to be all grown up, boy was I wrong.
  5. I can't actually fail - I only fail if I'm the one telling myself I've failed. Otherwise it's just the stepping stone to something better.
  6. I will never sing well enough to even joke about going on Broadway, but I will never stop trying. I am not throwing away my shot...
  7. I'm so glad I thought I wanted to be an accountant. A business mindset as a photographer is a game-changer. It really is.
  8. I'm also glad that all those essays we were forced to write back then actually came in handy.
  9. I really should have gotten myself into the habit of cooking when I was younger, because takeout is expensive!!
  10. Turns out my mom really is always right. 

Bonus Lesson: Take care of your skin and learn to love your hair. The first I didn't do, but the second has made me a totally different chick. :D

 Ariana Watts of Silver Feather Studios, North Carolina wedding photographer.

Feel free to share your own tidbits of wisdom in the comments below!

Ariana Watts

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