Words + Coffee

I've always been a pretty avid reader. I could lose myself in a book for literal hours. In fact, twice in the past couple of weeks, I've stayed up until 3am to finish a book. Completely unintentionally, of course, but who has time to check the clock when you're exploring another world?! 

Here is a sweet little list of the books that have had me so enthralled lately and what's next on my reading list. 


Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

This book gave me a completely unexpected insight into a culture and world I've never really known much about. It was a really beautiful read. 

Maximum Ride: The Final Warning - James Patterson

I admit, I read young adult novels all the time. As a James Patterson fan, I definitely delved into this series. This fourth book wasn't my favorite, but I don't believe in skipping books, and I fully intend to finish the whole series! 

Best of Me - Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks can be, well, corny and predictable. But i admit while I knew EXACTLY where this novel was going, I still cried like a baby. Before the ending even occurred, I was sobbing over the love that couldn't be and the gifts left behind. It was a great book, and the reason why i keep succumbing to all of his novels - for the emotional gold! 


Next up on my reading list?

  • The Divergent Series - Veronica Roth
  • Willow

If you've read any good books lately, please share - I'm always looking for stories filled with adventure and love, so pass it on! :)


Happy reading!