Words + Coffee: Aliens and Paris

I was friends with every librarian I ever had at every school I ever attended. Ever. No seriously. I won Battle of the Books in Elementary School, organized books with Mrs. Voelkert in middle school and checked out books in high school. 

Is it no surprise I was coined a geek and a nerd back then. But I loved it. It was my home away from, my favorite place, no matter what grade I was in. It's probably why I'm turning my living room into a full fledged library. Just bringing in a little extra home into my home. I've even taken to Etsy.com to find framed quotes to put on the wall! It's going to be pretty darn spectacular. 

Speaking of books, I've still been reading a lot lately. Here's what on my "oh-my-goodness-you-HAVE-to-read-this-book!" list. 

Young Adult books, why can't I quit you? I am SO hooked on this series. Like, read every single book, and downloaded every single novella to go with it. I just can't put them down! If you haven't heard of this series, it's the fourth in the I Am Number Four book series. It's about a group of aliens from another planet who travel to Earth to grow up and eventually restore their home planet. They separated as children, and these books are about them learning and growing and finding each other. It's definitely a fun science fiction series!

I read this book in an effort to get over the complete emotional turmoil of another book I'd just finished reading... and it was surprisingly worth it! It was the story of Allyson, who travels to England with a teen group and through a series of events, finds herself enjoying one amazing day in Paris with a boy named Willem. It's an adorable novel, with lots of Shakespeare, a bit of falling in love, and a really sweet story about finding themselves. Plus there's a second novel from the Willem's perspective. 

I have fallen in love with everything Colleen Hoover writes, and this book was no exception. Its the story of a girl named Sky who is terrified and completely fascinated by a guy named Holder. It weaves a very intricate and interesting story, and frankly, Holder was, um, perfect. It was a fun and easy read that I enjoyed!

The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore Just One Day by Gayle Forman Hopeless

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Feel free to share what books you've been reading - I'm constantly looking for new recommendations (and I'm trying to weasel my way out the dystopian young adult books I can't stop reading.) Leave them in the comments below! 

 As always, thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful Thursday!