Market Hall Wedding in Raleigh | Hannah + Will

Hannah was the kind of girl who had lots of friends. And not just friends. GOOD friends. Best friends. The forever bonded in their hearts by sororities and life and love kind of friends. She spent her morning with those forever friends, not an ounce of nervousness on her. After all, she was marrying the very best friend she had in only a matter of hours. 

A couple floors down, Will casually prepped as well. You'd think we were just going to "just another event" with the way him and his friends calmly prepped. Light laughter, boys being boys, but it was just another day. 

Simply for one reason - these two belonged together. That sense of calm had radiated between them the entire time, their friendship bonded by his humor, her patience, and the fact that she let's him eat nachos whenever he wants. After all, nachos are the best.

Hannah & Will, it has been an absolute pleasure photographing the two of you and getting to know you both over the past year. We'll never forget the laughs, the Harry Potter book references, or just how special it felt to know you two. Thank you for giving us a million reasons to love our jobs!