May the 4th Be With You

I don't know how it happened but guys it's MAY. WHAAAT? How?! It still *feels* like April though because last month was kinda epically good. 

Wedding season officially kicked off with Brittany and Ben's wedding at the Garden of Gray Gables (the *perfect* way to start the season). We've had engagement sessions every other week which means we're spending lots of time with cool couples in cool places. With weekends like this, we are seriously having the BEST time!

To keep things interesting I spent some time in front of the camera with my friends a week or so ago, and not only did I once again love having my photo taken (because I'm a ham) but I also learned quite a bit from watching someone else pose me, which is probably my favorite thing about being photographed. I may have to share some posing tips with you lovely people! Oh, and here's the sneak peek. I am so in awe of Mabyn's skill. I have brilliantly talented friends. ---->

And now it's a new month and it's Star Wars Day and I'm practically vibrating with excitement about what this year will bring. I saw Age of Ultron over the weekend - amaaaaaazing movie that I will probably watch 17 more times because it was SO good. Let's all take a moment to appreciate the perfect combo of Joss Whedon's direction, Robert Downey's wit, Chris Evans tight shirts and Thor's, um, everything.

Tune in tomorrow for a downtown Raleigh engagement sneak peek from this past weekend. Later this week I'll give you a close up look on my client packaging (and how I keep it #brandspankinawesome). Then come back next week because I'm sharing a senior session with a girl who couldn't be more chill in person but seriously KILLS in front of the camera. 

Tell me what has you excited as spring takes full effect and summer creeps ever closer!

Happy Friday and may the fourth be with you!




 May the 4th be with you. Happy #starwarsday!

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