My Fangirl Bucket List + That Time I Met The Doctor

As a certified fangirl, there are many many items on my bucket list that involve various actors, shows, books etc.

Last year when I got to see an early preview of Divergent and see the actors walk the red carpet - highlight moment.

When I successfully pulled off a Zoe Washburne cosplay - highlight moment.

Taking Brian to meet Chris Hardwick at his comedy show for our fourth anniversary - again, highlight moment.

But as of last week, I can check off the #1 item on my fangirl bucket list. The one actor who I adore, both on and off-screen. My favorite doctor. My first doctor. The reason why Rose and Ten are my OTP and I'll never get over them.


In the flesh, said hello, got his autograph, and complimented him on his West Wing shirt. It made dressing up like Martha Jones and standing in line for an hour TOTALLY worth it.

Me and @mabynludke in line to meet THE #davidtennant at #wwcomiccon!!

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Well this just happened. #wwcomiccon #davidtennant

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I still have a long list of people I want to meet (Nathan Fillion, Stephen Amell because abs, and more). But as of this moment, I am soooo content for 2015.

Also, it's absolutely true - he has amazing hair.

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