Outer Banks Anniversary Session | Kim + Wally

It's our absolute FAVORITE thing about what we do. Meeting new people, creating friendships that last for, well, ever, and generally just loving the couples we spend so much time with. Kim and Wally are definitely one of those couples. Two years ago, around this time, Brian and I photographed/filmed their NC State Fair engagement session, and then a few months later, we photographed their wedding at Bass Lake. Now as they are about to approach their two year anniversary this upcoming March, we have had the chance to photograph them again, with their brand new fur-baby!

There is definitely something to be said about photographing someone so many times. The complete and utter trust of everything I do (even when it's a little crazy, and may have involved contact with giant blood-sucking mosquitoes...), the way they know all my suggested poses before I say them, and then how to make them work all fierce-like.

It was kind of amazing. With the perfect timing of our session too, I know I feel soooo creatively fulfilled with how their images turned out! I seriously hope you enjoy them as much as I did - Kim and Wally are simply two of the sweetest people we've ever photographed! 

We heart you two!

 Anniversary session at the Outer Banks near Cape Hatteras by Silver Feather Studios.
 A couples portrait session at the Outer Banks by Burlington, NC wedding photographer, Silver Feather Studios.

I wasn't kidding about those mosquitoes - they were horrible and deadly and we all feared we'd contracted some sort of disease, but when we saw this shot... well I think we got over it. 

 Gorgeous Outer Banks sunset and silhouette image of Kim and Wally by wedding photographer in Burlington, NC.
 Kim and Wally pose near Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
 Burlington, NC wedding photographer documents Kim and Wally at the Outer Banks.

This was the first time I ever been to or photographed a lighthouse. I'm pretty sure there are about 7 more I need to find an excuse to go out and photograph sometime soon.

  Beautiful black and white stripe north carolina light house, Cape Hatteras.
 Kim and Wally bring their dog Lincoln to roam the Outer Bank beaches during their couples session.
 Burlington NC wedding photographer, Silver Feather Studios, silhouettes a couple and their dog on the Outer Banks.

Lincoln is Kim and Wally's Labradoodle and he's such a sweetie pie!! 

 Lincoln, a labradoodle poses with his new parent on the Outer Bank coast.
 Lovely couple walk their labradoodle on the Outer Banks coast near Rodanthe, NC.
 A labradoodle named Lincoln at the Outer Banks. Photographed by Burlington wedding  photographer, Silver Feather Studios.
 Kim and Wally jump around in the ocean near at their Outer Banks engagement session with Silver Feather Studios.
 Silver Feather Studios photographs Kim and Wally beneath the Rodanthe Pier on the Outer Banks.
 Wedding photographer in Burlington, NC photographs this couple dancing near the Rodanthe Pier.

And ending this beautiful beach session with an image that literally makes me smile every time I look at it. Kim and Wally, thanks you two for letting me document your sweet and amazing love!

 An Outer Banks couples portrait session by Burlington, NC wedding photographer, silver Feather Studios.

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States