Pavilions at Angus Barn Wedding | Morgan + Eric

Last year, Morgan caught the bouquet at Hannah & Will's Market Hall wedding. Fun fact - Eric had already bought the ring, literally the day before. We're not superstitious or anything, but those are some EPIC coincidences.

Fast forward a little less than a year later to their perfectly planned wedding day. Mama McLamb had timed everything out, and had everyone exactly where they needed to be. Morgan walked around her hotel room rocking her Mrs. Lee robe, excited to be getting married, refusing to stress. Eric and his boys relaxed in the lobby, the same level of cool and collected as you'd expect. These two didn't need to be nervous, they'd known this was right for a long time now.

Morgan and Eric got married at the Pavilions at Angus Barn which is basically the most loveliest of backdrops. The weather was perfect, and even though we were next to the airport, no airplanes disrupted the ceremony (which, tbh, was actually a little disappointing. :P)  There was no shortage of laughs, no shortage of smiles, and just the perfect amount of tears. Couldn't have asked for a better day.


Morgan & Eric, thanks for being the kind of people who laugh at all my jokes, literally jump with excitement when we get together, and make me feel like family. You guys are amazing, your families are amazing, and I already miss ya! Wishing you all the best for ever and ever and ever! 



The Awesome Squad

Venue: The Pavilions at Angus Barn
Photographer: Silver Feather Studios
Videographer: Jeff Brewer Films
Florist: Jeffrey Surles Design
DJ: Stylus
Caterer: Angus Barn
Cake: Ashley Cakes