Raleigh Warehouse District Engagement Session | Brittany + Seth

They had the kind of story that spanned years. He was a paramedic; she was a nurse. It had taken years for their paths to merge in a way that would allow them to get to know one another, but when it finally happened, Seth had no intention of letting her go.

She was still asleep when he got home from work early on the morning of his birthday. Knowing that catching her unaware was the key to surprising her, he woke her up, excited to show her something. Brittany humored him, knowing that her hair was probably a hot mess, and that she was extremely confused. But there he sat, pulling out an electronic picture frame filled with photographs of the two of them. Brittany smiled to herself, acknowledging both the sweetness (and mild creepiness) of this gift, and proceeded to ask Seth what exactly was going on until... She saw the final image. A ring. THE ring. She finally looked up to ask him what it was, and found him on his knee before her asking her what would be the biggest and most important question of their lives together.

"Will you marry me?"

Last month, we headed to Raleigh to photograph this newly engaged couple, getting the complete grand tour of the Raleigh warehouse district. We came to believe that Seth is secretly the Batman of Raleigh, since he seemed to know all the cool hangouts, the secret spots for awesome photographs, and could dissuade people from telling us not to photograph somewhere. He even managed to shut down the streets of downtown Raleigh for us, so we could take photographs (though that MAY have been due to a festival there earlier that day, and we MAY have had impeccable timing...) Did we mention he saves lives for a living? The logic is sound! He's Batman (said in my best Batman imitation voice).

We adored watching these two together. It's clear they have that natural chemistry, but it's even more clear how in love they are. Brittany adores hi humor, his "Heath Ledger" smile, and his kind heart. He admires her goals and passion for life. As they gear up for their New Year's Eve wedding at The Cotton Room later this year, we're so excited for this journey that they are on.

Watch on to hear their story as they tell it, and see how well they own the streets of Raleigh.


the watts

These murals make the GREATEST backdrops. So excited to see some of these images in print, because the colors are like whoa.

Their excitement gets ME excited! Can't wait for the big day!

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States