Should You Auto-Share Your Social Media Content?

Have you ever scrolled through a twitter feed that is filled with posts that look like this?

I posted a new photo to Facebook

I posted a new photo to Facebook

Funny statement that i said over on facebook that was super hilarious and got lots of engagement but gets cut off in...

I posted a new photo to Facebook

I bet you are just DYING to follow that person... 

Or what about that Facebook business page that is full of low quality Instagram images? I SO UNDERSTAND the convenience of auto sharing social media content, but I think there are three really good reasons to avoid this!

 Why I Rarely Auto-Share Social Media Content | Silver Feather Studios, branding photographer, nc

ideal image quality is different per platform

The optimal image size for Instagram is vastly different than for Facebook. The image will be of less quality - if this is a professional image, is this how you want to best promote it? And if you also auto-shared an Instagram picture to Twitter, all they probably saw was a link, which they'd have to click on to see. Again I ask, is this really how you want your followers to interact with you?

If you really want to post one image on multiple platforms, take the time to make sure that image is optimized for each. That includes text, tags, and hashtags.

Not all followers are created equal

Your followers on Facebook don't interact or necessarily care about the same things as your followers on Instagram. And if someone is following you on multiple platforms, do they really want to see the same photograph 2 or 3 times in a 10 minute window? If you're posting on Instagram, auto-sharing it to Facebook, then reposting it to your personal page, that's a lot to anyone who is connected to you on multiple platforms. Overabundance of sharing in too short of window can lead to unfollows or lack of engagement - the opposite effect we want!

Optimal times may vary.

My peak times on Instagram aren't the same as my peak times on Facebook. Pinterest has an entirely different suggestion for optimum engagement, and Twitter is a beast in and of itself. If you phone it in with half of those platforms, you're not going to grow on any of them.

  Why I Rarely Auto-Share Social Media Content | Silver Feather Studios, branding photographer, nc

So does that you mean NEVER EVER AUTO-SHARE EVER?! No, not necessarily. There are occasional exceptions - sometimes I share an image from Instagram to FB/Twitter. But I often try to post the image first, THEN hit the share button, so I can adjust the text to make sense and remove any tags that won't work on another platform.

So what do you need to do now?

First off, turn off those auto-posts. Hop into to your Twitter settings and disconnect the Facebook app. When you post on Instagram, don't just click the share buttons.

Better yet, sign up for awesome apps like Buffer, CoSchedule, or Take 30 minutes at the beginning of your day to plan out your tweets and posts for each platform. Buffer works great for Twitter, Facebook, & Google Plus, CoSchedule works great for promoting your blog posts, and is great for scheduling for Instagram.

Thirty minutes of planning for optimum time and engagement can benefit you far longer than last minute auto-posts and will keep all of your followers excited to read whatever you post!

what is your biggest social media struggle? Tell me in the comments below!

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States