Sink or Swim | Burlington, NC Wedding Photographer

So, I did it. Made the leap. High-dived into the ocean. It's sink or swim time now.

I'm a full time wedding photographer. 

Yeah, me! And while I am still saying it with a question mark on the end (much like Ron Burgundy), I'm slowly and surely convincing myself, that yes, I, Ariana Watts, am a wedding photographer.

And it's scary! Like the I-may-stay-under-the-covers-for-a-week kind of scary. I have so much control over my own business, my own future, and if it succeeds, that will be amazing, but if it doesn't... well ouch. It'll be all my fault. Which is sort of a scary thought. It's an awful lot of power to hold on to. 

But fear is good. It's a motivating factor. It's the spikes at the bottom of that pit, and I've played enough Tomb Raider to know how to avoid falling in.

So I'm jumping. I jumped. And it's going to be awesome.

Keep visiting us - we've got some amazing things in store in the next couple weeks - a Bass Lake Wedding in Holly Springs and a Chapel Hill Engagement Session - both with absolutely gorgeous couples! Stay tuned! :)


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