Sneak Peek | Duke University Engagement | Lindsay + James

I love beginnings. Beginnings of books, and beginnings of months, and I LOVE beginnings that start at beginnings. Like the beginning of August starting at the beginning of the week. That makes me SO happy because it's like the freshest fresh start you can start with! My goal has been to get back into my blogging (I got a little too bogged down the last couple months, as i mentioned in my post earlier this week) and this week has been so successful! 

To round out this great first week of August, I'm sharing a sneak peek from yesterday's engagement session at Duke! Surprisingly, I had never photographed a couple or a wedding at Duke, so this was pretty exciting for me. And let me tell you... I aDORed photographing these two! They're great together and have such an easy natural connection, I legitimately squealed from excitement multiple times! I can't wait to share the rest, but for now, here's just a slight dose of "OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE" for your Friday enjoyment. :)

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States