Sneak Peek | Guilford County Park Engagement | Hannah + Will

The slight chill of Winter has officially arrived. Part of me doesn't want to say it, mainly because we still have engagement sessions and weddings this year and we want to still have a nice touch of warmth. Now in January, when our wedding season officially ends, please get as cold as you'd like, because it's all video games, sweat pants and editing for me (not particularly in that order.)

Fortunately we have AWESOME clients who are total troopers. Take Hannah and Will for example who despite it being 50 degrees out, never ONCE showed that they were freezing. Which means I, of course, had to encourage blanket snuggling as a reward. Their wedding is next July, and after spending two hours with these guys, I cannot wait!!

Here's a sneak peek to whet your appetites. Engagement trailer and full post to come in a few weeks!