Sneak Peek | Highgrove Estate Wedding | Jonathan + Lena

The greatest feeling I have in my job is that moment when clients cross into a new threshold. They're not just clients anymore, and even though our relationship is currently professional, I know that after it's over, our friendship will continue. We've gained a lot of new friends that way, and as I photographed Jonathan and Lena's wedding, surrounded by guests who I'd seen before at previous weddings, friends I'd photographed and danced with in the past, and alongside the groom as I showed them how to whip with a camera in your hand.... I know that I've had that privilege again. 

Jonathan and Lena, I know you're off on your honeymoon, so here's a sneak peek to tie you over until I have the chance to make cookies and hang out with you guys all over again. And thank you, SO MUCH, for constantly making me feel like family.



Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States