Sneak Peek | Missouri Family Session | The Braults

Once upon a time, this pretty little Rapunzel look alike named Brittany floated into town in all her adorableness, and she was funny, and she was cute, and even though we only got to really talk and hang out only a couple of times when she lived here, there was most certainly an instant connection (a two hour chat over coffee pretty much confirmed that.)

She moved back to Oklahoma towards the end of last year, breaking all our hearts a little. And on a totally random day in December, I got a text.

“So when are you coming to Oklahoma?”

To which I, of course, replied, “How’s January?” And the date was set!

Of course, she knew that nothing makes a trip sweeter than being able to make most of it a tax write-off (yup, this is why we’re friends), so her mom hired me to do family photographs. I met her beautiful mother, whom I immediately loved (she had a relationship with Brittany that reminded me of me and my mom). And then…. and THEN…. i met the two sisters. And here I was, with four absolutely STUNNING women, and their very intimidating father, and a camera. That was when I pretty much squealed in indescribable excitement.

This family is gorgeous, I started editing their photographs from the plane (because how could I not). Here’s just the tiniest sneak peek of the Brault family.


Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States