Something Has Scarcely Begun...

I watched the Oscars on Monday. Obviously i was rooting for Les Miserables to win EVERYthing. They didn't, but I still squealed every time I saw their name. I even shed a tear when they sang "One Day More". I'm such a sap. 

I also decided that Jennifer Lawrence? Freaking adorable. Like let's be besties and giggle over Bradley Cooper kind of adorable.  I hope if I ever trip in front of millions and millions of people, I can play it off as well as she did. 

Oh, and Channing Tatum dancing in the beginning? That's the stuff my dreams are made of. But let's not tell Brian... :-P

I'm off to go sing more sad songs about impossible dreams... here's a pin for those of you who want to sing along...

Marius quote from A Heart Full of Love, Les Miserables.

Ariana Watts

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