Ten Reasons Why I'm Happy Being Me

Do you know what the best part of being an adult is for me? Doing my own thing and not having to worry about what others might think of it. Remember those kids who swapped Pokemon cards in middle school, or spent all their time in the library and were classified as geeks or bookworms or nerds (I was all three, by the way). Well that's high/middle school for you - always walking around with labels. 
So being an adult pretty much makes everything better, because guess what? I have TOTALLY not changed! I read every single day, I still own all my old Pokemon cards, and i'm completely obsessed with BBC shows.  I married a man who is just as into his own personal "nerdy/geeky" things and we make a fantastic team. Together we've seen the BEST shows on television, and we've played the BEST board games and you should be jealous of how expansive our "geek" culture truly is.
So yeah I'm completely okay with being me! Here's ten reasons why. 
  1. I'm allowed to be emotionally invested in the deaths of fictional characters.
  2. I get to be braver in video games than I could probably ever be in real life. 
  3. I think it's awesome that I have the same birthday as Captain Kirk. 
  4. I'm freely allowed to crush on elves, time lords, and brilliant "high-functioning sociopaths." 
  5. There are awesome kick-butt female leads to admire (that aren't scantily clad superheroes.)
  6. I enjoy a love/hate relationship with Steven Moffat. 
  7. I can still be mad that Firefly was cancelled. 
  8. Zelda. Enough said.
  9. My childhood had the original Pokemon in it, therefore it was awesome.
  10. "Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something." - Simon Pegg

Felicia Day mentioned this awesome reminder of what the word geek means to her: 

Geek means an outsider, a rebel, a dreamer, a creator, whether of their own world or someone else's. It's a fighter. Its a person who dares to love something that isn't conventional. The mantra of geek to me is, "Your judgement is not my problem."

So I'm off to go read another amazing book that will leave me bawling at 4am - what amazing unconventional thing are you going to enjoy today? Share it in the comments below!

Have a happy Friday!