That One Time I Used Hashtag in a Real Live Commercial

You ever find yourself doing something you once made absolute fun of? Like, say you are constantly joking about how teenagers these days spend all their time on the phone, then you upgrade to the latest iPhone and all of a sudden you're on your phone all the time? Or say, you ironically use the word "totes" or "adorbs" or "hashtag" all the time, as a joke, of course. Until that fateful day... when you say it and it dawns on you... you weren't joking that time. You just seriously used the word hashtag in a real actual sentence. #cannotbelieveyoujustsaidthat #whaaaaat

Well, I think I've got you beat. Because not only have I TOTALLY found myself saying that stuff unironically, but I also used it in a real live commercial. For a magazine. And now all my friends add my new catchphrase to the end of all their texts to me. I could be embarrassed, I really could. But then I'm like, dude, I'm keeping it real, and I used the hashtag symbol and everything and you're just jealous of how cool I am, so YEAH. #whatever 

Anyway! Check out this really awesome video Brian did for an event coming this next year, that I'm really genuinely excited about! TriadWeddings Magazine is presenting a brand new bridal show for the area, called "Marry Me". It's going to be gorgeous, have awesome features (like a groom's lounge and a fashion show) and really be a different take on the whole "bridal show" thing. So if you're getting married next year, it premieres in January and you have to come! Added bonus, the hubs and I will be there and i'll be putting my hashtag-loving, instagram-taking touch all over the place - so come, so I have extra people to take selfies with. K thanks bye. 

#itsgonnabeawesome :)