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I can’t believe it’s already past the middle of January already! Where is time going right now? I can’t keep up! 

I will say, this year is starting out fairly fantastic. We’ve already squeezed two new cities under our belts (Nashville and Oklahoma - more on those later this week). We’ve officially moved into an awesome new studio (see below). The magazine I’ve been writing for (Trend) is kicking off the year right with amazing new articles and are absolutely worth subscribing to. And in less than a week, I will be standing in front of a bunch of people to talk about branding, personality, and putting yourself into your work.

Craziness, right?! Scroll down for more details, because I am jumping up and down (and also throwing up a little) over every single one of these things!

The CoOPERAtive is Now Open!

That’s right! I’ve shared a little behind the scenes of the space when it was still getting set up, but as of January 1st, the doors opened and applications for desk space began being accepted. I officially have a new meeting space to meet with clients at, and already have a pretty little desk with my name on it. Being only ten minutes from my house has made it perfect place for us. And even though I miss our little studio of awesome in Greensboro, I’m excited for so much potential that is coming this way to Graham.

If you’re interested in seeing the new space (or me and Brian, of course) then you should absolutely come to the open house next week!! On Tuesday, January 26th, at 4pm there will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony, and then all are invited for refreshments, snackage, and networking. Of course if any of my dear friends and clients want to come and see where the new office is located, I certainly would LOVE to see you there!

RSVP on Facebook to let us know you're coming!

 The CoOperative, creative and collaborative coworking space in Graham, NC

In the interim, here’s an inside look of our new meeting space! This is where we’ll be having consultations, viewings, and long talks about what we’ve been binge-watching on Netflix. It’s the bomb dot com.

 The CoOperative, creative and collaborative coworking space in Graham, NC

Trend Magazine is Now Accepting Subscriptions

I had the privilege of writing for this adorable magazine over the past couple of months. I’ve also had the privilege of talking business with Lauren, the beautiful editor behind it all. There is nothing that motivates me more than meeting someone with a brilliant mind, a good heart, and an eagerness to succeed the best way possible! And this lovely woman has all of those things. The more I talk to her, the more I believe this magazine is something that I genuinely want to be a part of. It’s filled with good advice for a peaceful mind, lovely reminders and stunning photography. Being able to give little bits of business advice (particularly the kind that I either wish I’d had or that made the difference in my life) makes me feel like I’m giving back just a little bit of what I was given when I started photographing weddings.

They have just recently started selling magazine subscriptions, both digital and print. January’s issue of the magazine was totally complimentary - click on this affiliate link* to access the website and download a free copy for yourself just to whet your appetite! This magazine even includes my own article, Real Lady Boss Steps for Reaching Your Goals in 2016. Eeek!!!

If you find yourself as smitten as I am, then sign up for a monthly subscription! Those who sign up for the print magazine, have the chance to receive a free digital copy with every issue too! 

*this is an affiliate link, which means that for every person who signs up via that link, I get a little credit. Currently there IS a contest for who can get the most subscriptions in the next month or so. If you’re interested, best believe I’ll love you forever. xoxo!

The PP of NC Winter Seminar - Stand Out and Be a Star

And my third and final piece of news… for some strange and crazy reason, I accidentally agreed to do a speaking seminar for PP of NC…. haha okay maybe not accidentally and maybe i’m equal parts nervous and excited about it, and maybe this is a huge deal for me…

I’m being extremely vague. This weekend is the PP of NC winter seminar. It’s titled Stand Out and Be a Star, and it’s filled with incredible photography classes. Traci Arney (who is a lovely friend of mine, and an even better photographer, and an even BETTER editor) is giving a Lightroom class (which I’ve taken - seriously it will CHANGE the way you use Lightroom). Sandra Henderson, another wonderful photographer that I know, will be teaching a class on photographing newborns (to which I might ACTUALLY get over my fear of photographing little babies… just kidding, no way.)

And, of course, I too have the privilege of speaking (for the very first time in this big of a setting) about my FAVORITE topic - branding and Putting the YOU in Your Business. It’s going to be all about differentiating yourself from the competition with the only thing you’ve got that can’t be replicated - your personality. From the things you love, to the way you communicate, to the client you search for, input your brand and personality and change the way you perceive your business, and people perceive you.

(How’s that for an opening paragraph?!)

I’m soooooo excited. All the details about the seminar and various speaking parts can be found HERE. If you’re a member of PP of NC, I certainly hope to see you there, and if you’re not, that’s okay. There is still TWO MORE DAYS to sign up for the seminar! It's only $99 for three days of learning and shooting and networking. All the information is available on the website. Register as a non-member to spend the weekend with us!

So how’s that for a crazy start to the year? My heart is beating so fast with all the changes and big events coming down the pipeline. I hope that you’ll all be around to take this crazy ride with me!



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