The Struggle To Do It All + How We Want to Help

The longer I am in business, the more I have realized that I cannot do everything. Being the employee, employer, marketer, accountant, planner, et cetera, et cetera - it's all so overwhelming! Over time I've learned what I'm good at and what I'm not. In order to make the best of that, I've had to learn to let go of certain things, so I can pursue what I enjoy and love doing. 

Of course, this hasn't been easy. I wouldn't call myself a control freak... but I DO have control freak tendencies. 

One of the tougher decisions I've made in the past year is to outsource more items in my workflow. Whether it be to my husband or an outside company, it's been something I've needed to do. I've also adopted a new software management program (Tave, in case you're wondering) just so I can have a little more automation in my life.

All of this has led me to realize that there are far too many struggling small business owners trying to plug every hole in their sinking ship... all by themselves. There's a need out there, and I think I want to help. 


The struggle is real.

The reality is, we all have very different strengths. I love blogging, and hate editing. My best friend loves editing, and hates SEO Optimization. I'm great with crafty and creative ideas, but tend to fall flat in the execution. We all just have our own unique way of handling the same projects.

But as we all know, a rising tide does indeed lift all ships. So what can be done? 

Hire some muscle. 


Know when it's time to outsource.

I was talking to a creative non-photographer friend the other day, and she was asking about stylized photos, how to do them, what camera she should buy, etc. So, I asked her about why she hadn't hired or bartered with one of her good photographer friends to get a few images. And she didn't really know why! She hadn't even thought about it!

I know I'm guilty of doing the exact same thing! Tackle a task I hate or don't understand just because I think I have to do it myself. Of course, it always is just a tiny bit subpar, and a little bit (okay, a lot) less awesome than if I'd hired someone else. 


I want to help.

I love to blog. Social media and marketing? It's my favorite thing. It's how I connect with my clients, and my friends. I'm also a pretty big fan of photography (OBVIOUSLY). Brian and I both have a couple skills up our sleeves, skills that we want to expand past weddings, and into the world of fellow creatives and business owners.

So I'm excited to say that Silver Feather studios is officially expanding their services! From promo films and branding consultations, to blog and social media management, we're hoping to bring to our area something that can help so many small business owners exceed their own limitations and create the brand and social presence that they want!


We will be formally premiering these services on May 16!


In the meantime we are setting up facebook groups, planning out giveaways, and scheduling newsletters filled with my favorite tips and suggestions for managing your social media. I don't want you to miss out on the fun, so make sure you're subscribed to our #brandspankinawesome newsletter!


We are so SO excited about what this new expansion of our business can do to help local creatives and business owners. Excited about this too? Let us know in the comments so we can happy dance with you! :D



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