The City Life | Burlington, NC Wedding Photography

Ari's the photo gal, I'm the video guy.  And that's the way we like it.  

But every once in a while, especially when I get to second shoot a wedding, I get the chance to try my hand at photography.  Case in point, this last weekend!  Ari is hard at work editing the latest wedding, but here are some pics in the meantime of our exploits around the mid-Atlantic.  We begin the tour in the city of brotherly love - Philadelphia!

The streets of Philadelphia and the gorgeous architecture.
Cool red doors on a hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Beautiful decoration inside the Holiday Inn Express.

Night turned out to be even more rewarding to shoot than the day!

Love the statues in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


Spooky looking building in Downtown Philly, Pennsylvania.
Night time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Onward to Washington D.C. and a visit to a world-famous cupcake bakery!  Click play below for a simple time lapse I made of the journey from city to city.

Visiting Georgetown Cupcakes in Washington DC, home of TLC show DC Cupcakes.
Gorgeously decorated Georgetown Cupcakes in their signature pink box!
Oprah was here! DC Cupcakes photos on the wall show the awesomeness.
The Washington Monument and a statue in Washington DC.

The not too often photographed rear of the White House...

Back of the White House, in Washington DC.
Brian and I pose with friends in front of the White House.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we had taking them! :-D