Uptown Charlotte Engagement Session | Ashley + Addison

A couple of months ago, we had the chance to meet up with Ashley and Addison for an uptown Charlotte engagement session a couple months ago. Charlotte is the city where they grew up, met each other, and fell in love. It's the place they hope to return to after their wedding next July and it's the place where we spent two hours laughing as we photographed them in all their adorableness! 

Here's the deal: Ashley and Addison are hiLARious and we spent the entire session laughing like crazy! They crack us up, and fortunately we crack them up too, and while it was hard to photograph while making constant jokes at each other, we managed to get some fabulous images of these two being exactly who they are. 

Ashley. Addy. We seriously CANNOT wait until your wedding day. We are sooo excited to be a part of it all and to have met you both, since we were clearly meant  to be friends. :*

Much Love, 

The Watts

Watch their engagement trailer below to hear the story of how he proposed to her in Washington D.C. and see them be all sorts of cute!

Addison and Ashley's uptown Charlotte Engagement session with Silver Feather Studios.
The Charlotte skyline makes a lovely backdrop for this fun engagement session by Silver Feather Studios.
Lying in the grass in Charlotte with Ashley and Addison. 
Charlotte engagement session shows off the skyline of Uptown Charlotte.
Stunning square cut engagement ring on a hat.
Couple pose in front of the Knights baseball stadium at their Uptown Charlotte engagement session.
Burlington, North Carolina wedding photography and cinematography company, Silver Feather Studios.

Addison, I'm posting this one for you. :P

Engaged couple get silly at their engagement session with Silver Feather Studios.
Laughter and sweetness from Addison and Ashley in Uptown Charlotte.
Sweet and spontaneous uptown Charlotte engagement photography.
Awesome motion photography at this uptown charlotte engagement session.
gorgeous night time bokeh in uptown charlotte with ashley and addison.
gorgeous night time photography with ashley and addison at their charlotte, north carolina engagement session.
uptown charlotte engagement photography by Silver Feather Studios
uptown charlotte skyline at night. image by silver feather studios.
Charlotte engagement photography by Silver Feather Studios.