Winston Salem Engagement Session | Allison + Charlie

Charlie was never the type to hold on to a present. He was far too excited to see her face when she received something, than to wait and hold on to it for the perfect moment. So when he bought the ring, he knew he had to ask her soon. Two days later, Allison and Charlie headed out for another adventure together, something they love to do, and on a quiet day, they travelled up a mountain in a trolley car. As they reached the top, with light rain hitting their umbrella, he simply got down on one knee and asked her spend a lifetime of adventure with him.

Allison & Charlie, could you two be any more adorable?! We've loved hearing your story, getting to know how much you love each other, and finding out all the awesome tv shows we're mutually obsessed with! We are enjoying every step of this wedding journey and cannot wait to see you two get married next March! 


the Watts

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States