Words + Coffee: In Which I Attempt #0by16

So between Youtube and Twitter, I've stumbled across a couple of pretty cool reading challenges that, while interesting, seem HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE. I've seen a lot of people tweeting about #0by16 and #ProjectTBR, both which are major attempts to reduce the "to-be-read" piles on your bookshelves. Well, a few months ago, I went through the painstaking process of cataloging my entire book collection, which is when I discovered that of the 218 books/e-books I have in my possession, there are 127 I haven't read.


Like, what?! This is a travesty! And there is NO way I could get to zero books with those kinds of numbers. Not in one year... right? And plus that means I'd have to resist buying more books, which is next to impossible so... this ain't happening.


No, I can TOTALLY do this! In fact I've already started. I have a plethora of novels in my own home to peruse and I'm going to do it. And I'm already starting on the right track. I've read two novels off my bookshelf in the past two weeks (Wintergirls by Lauren Halse Anderson, and Richochet by Sandra Brown). Which means my official update for mid-January is:


Books Read This Year: 2

Books Left To Be Read in 2015: 125


Man this challenge keeps it pretty interesting doesn't it! I am reallllllly hoping to reach another one of my goals by giving my next book update via vlog, IF i can muster up the guts to sit down in front of the camera again without being annoyed by my own voice. IF.

How's your progress going? What books are you reading? Share and comment below and make me all sorts of happy today!

xoxo mwah!

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States