Words + Coffee: My First Bookish Box

As a lover of books, I've slowly become more and more obsessed with book-related jewelry or details. I walk around with an iPhone cased covered in quotes from The Fault in our Stars. My Instagram feed is riddled with my book-inspired pieces, and I've got favorites list on Amazon and Etsy dedicated exclusively to these things. It's pretty safe to say that I'm addicted. 

A photo posted by Ariana Watts (@thewatts_sfs) on

A photo posted by Ariana Watts (@thewatts_sfs) on

So when I saw that one of my favorite Instagrammers, Appraising Pages was doing another rep model search a while ago, I randomly took a chance and entered... and was selected!! That meant I'd get a chance to have book-related items sent my way and would share them with all of you (and if you can find a single part of that sentence I wouldn't be ABSOLUTELY HAPPY ABOUT, then you don't know me at all.) 

I have been eagerly and anxiously awaiting receiving the first items and this past weekend, the June Bookish Box came in and I'm sooooo thrilled to show you how adorably perfect and pretty it is!! 

It is SO perfectly packaged from the inside out!

I've never read the Harry Potter books (please do not shoot me, I'm just not a fan of that particular series) but I believe these are a reference from there. Such a cute idea!


Where were these temporary tattoos when I was doing my Divergent cosplay last year?! 

This postcard reminds me of the Mims House' Alice in Wonderland grand opening.

If you're an avid bookworm you have probably wished to bottle up the smell of old books into a candle and then immerse yourself into it for the rest of forever. Well, I know I have. Which is why I need more of this candle stat. Because I don't know if it ACTUALLY smells like old books, but it smells like what I wish old books would smell like and that's enough for me. 


And finally, the shirt! I tried it on to see how it fit and it's literally perfect. 

Here is the link to sign up for your own Bookish Box (for the obvious awesome reasons stated above). Stop over on to Instagram for direct links to follow some of the vendors as well!

Appraising Pages - The bookish box


I can't wait until next box! In the meantime, I'm going to try to talk myself out of buying this.... and this... and this... 




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