Words + Coffee + Pixels | The Winter Edition

It has been forever since I've written a Words and Coffee post! I have been struggling in the reading department for quite some time. Partly because my brain has been far too active for focusing on a book and partly because gaming during editing breaks is easier than pulling out a book. 

Which is why I'm adding a new category to the words and coffee series. Pixels. Because we all know I live all sorts of other lives for a couple of hours every single day (I multi-task I swear. I can handle a sword and eat lunch at the same time, thank you very much!)

Fortunately, when one of your favorite authors releases a new book, you stop what you're doing and you read it. Which broke the reading dam, and now I've got books to share!

The Shannara Chronicles.jpg

november 9

Colleen Hoover

Colleen. Colleen. Colleen. Woman, you have my heart, all day every day. I have read almost everything she's written, and there has been only ONE book that has not had me so emotionally invested that Brian thought someone in my family had died by the time I was done reading it. November 9 was no exception. The emotional turmoil of this book, along with the fact that it has one of the most unique storylines I've ever seen (it's their lives, on one specific date, year after year. It's amazing.) (Wait, was that a spoiler? I mean I'm pretty sure you learn that in like, chapter one. Well if that's a spoiler, um. SPOILER ALERT. And... sorry.) This book had me ripped to shreds. Here. You should read it.


throne of glass

Sarah J. Maas

I literally picked this book up off the shelf and was like, hmm, this looks interesting. And then I bought it. For full Barnes & Noble price (which is amazing since 90% of my books comes from the scavenged shelves of your local Goodwill). It was slow going, I'll admit. BUT I liked the lead character. Tough as nails, and beautiful (even though she knew it and I was often thinking, "whoa girl, slow your roll. we get it. you're hot.") However, I was drawn to the storyline and by the end, in true dystopian young adult fashion, i was hooked. I have not started the subsequent books yet, and I'm not entirely sure I will, but I certainly won't tell anyone NOT to read this particular novel.


currently reading! the elfstones of shannara

Terry Brooks

A friend of mine has LOVED and recommended this book series to me SO many times, and I kept forgetting to buy a copy. Thankfully it's apparently become a new tv show, which is all i needed to hear (so I can read it, watch the show, and then ruthlessly slaughter the ruined storyline)! I finally found a copy, and I just cracked open the cover. Hopefully I'll finish this quickly and can tell you what I think next month.

Now, if you're wondering about the pixels part, here's just a glimpse of what I create in my midday breaks to keep my mind fresh, hip, and creative

 Court house  built in Minecraft.

Seriously, when I've spent too much time staring at images, Minecraft is my favorite way to just take a break and make something pretty. Then when i've spent too much time making pretty houses, i take a break, edit something pretty, and go about my day. The perfect vicious circle. 

What do YOU do in your free time? Any new video games I've got to try? Please share in the comments below, I'm sure I'll be needing a new one soon!

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States