Words + Coffee: The Culmination of My Obsession with Book Quotes on Shirts

Words... quotes... on shirts.... I'm, I would say, mildly obsessed with them. Not SUPER obsessed... just mildly... Okay who are we kidding, I'm majorly obsessed. I NEED WORDS. ON MAH SHIRTS. It's how I roll. 

If you're following me on Instagram, you probably saw that for the past couple of months I was a rep for Appraising Pages, an online store in which they sell book related cuteness. Including shirts. With words. WORDS. And they picked me to be a rep back in June, which created this awesome combo in which I could use my photography skills... and combine them with my shirt-wearing skills. Yup. Yupppp. Awesome-sauce, right?

They sent me a couple of shirts at the beginning of this month. And then, when Brian wasn't looking, I ordered three more. And I wuv them so much! They reference all my favorites - The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, Shatter Me. I LOVE THEM. HARD.

So knowing that my bestie and I have forever been able to share clothes, and seeing as I haven't had the chance to photograph her since she graduated from high school, I made her my model, and finally got to photograph the most perfectest shirts of all time on the most perfectest girl of all time. 

Say hello to Alex. 

There's a new coffee shop in Burlington called The Blend & Co. Their coffee is pretty great, but the vibe. THE VIBE. I could spend hours here reading, writing, blogging. It's probably my favorite spot in Burlington right now. Which is why it's the first place I thought of for this little mini-shoot.

Now to get the baristas on a first name basis with me and to know my coffee order when I walk in the door... #lifegoals

Appraising Pages sells these very cute rings too, one with a SUPER CUTE FOX ON IT! I've been rocking this bow ring all month.

It is sad how badly we wanted to put a cigarette in our mouth for these shots. Because IT'S A METAPHOR!

Oh Alex, you cute little thing you!

If you're like me and want your own fandom related shirt or item, visit the Appraising Pages website, and then use the coupon code ARIANA to save 15% off an item! I won't be a rep for much longer so this code won't last long - get the hook up before it's too late!!

Holla holla and a happy Wednesday to YOU.


Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States