Words + Lyrics: The March Reading Lull

So I spent most of March stuck in another rut where I just didn't want to read pretty much anything. Though, if I'm being honest, I was probably distracted by a pretty intense month of playing Dragon Age in my sporadic free time instead of reading. Which I've almost beat by the way. I'd have finished it, but I'm determined to complete as many quests and achievements (because that's how I roll) before I complete the final quest, so I'm taking the long way to the end.*

(DAI Side Note - if you romanced Solas? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.)

 Books by Amy Poehler, John Green, and Deirdre Shaw, as photographed by Silver Feather Studios.

I did pick up a couple of books towards the end of the month though, and I completely flipped the switch by picking up THREE different books and diving head first into them. Here's what novels I'm perusing right now:


Love Or Something Like It - DeiRdre Shaw

I actually just finished this one (somewhere between writing this post and publishing this post). It's a pretty good read! I'm very much hooked on the progression of the main character as they grow from a dream-filled twenty-something with unrealistic expectations into an older, wiser adult who faces their problems head on. Good stuff.

Yes, Please - Amy Poehler

I've been dying to read this one for a while. It's actually not as laugh out loud funny as thought it would be, but it keeps a smile on my face and it's interesting to read from Amy's perspective because it doesn't feel like a famous person talking about other famous people. It's more like a friend describing her friends, and you just happen to know them too.

Paper Towns - John Green

I'm barely on chapter two, but I'm determined to finish this quickly, since I'm a HUGE John Green Fan. Plus the movie comes out this year, and I like to be well-versed in the literary origin of a movie so I can easily see how badly they slaughter it (I'm still bitter over Insurgent...)


What are you reading nowadays? Share with us in the comments below! 


Happy Saturday! 

xoxo mwah!

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