Tips for Togs: WPS + Being Socially Awesome

This past Monday, as I prepared for the monthly Triad WPS meeting I nervously picked out a cute outfit, then proceeded to nervously finalize and print out a presentation that I was supposed to present in front of fifteen or more other photographers who have been doing this thing way longer than I have.   

Did I mention I was nervous? Yeah... Fortunately, this group also happened to be some of the nicest photographers I've had the pleasure of knowing since I started shooting weddings, so the nervousness quickly dissipated and we had a really fantastic discussion about social media and how to emphasize your brand's awesomeness on various platforms. 


Thankfully we had a wonderful time together, and talked all about ways to improve on our social media presence. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

 Facebook: Post 2-3 Times per day, preferably around noon and a little after 7 to maximize your exposure. Use your page insights to get more specific. For more fantastic reminders for Facebook I always refer to this great post from the Modern Tog, or this informative infographic I found on Pinterest,

 Twitter: Create regular and new content as much  as possible during the day to keep up with Twitter's fast paced feed. Post about new blog posts, talk about what you've read or watched recently, share a picture from your recent post, and be sure to link your Instagram with your twitter feed. Take a look at this beautifully drawn twitterific infographic for some more Twitter tips. And if you're unsure of the twitter "lingo" (like hashtags and retweet) then read this article from mashable

Instagram:  Every image should be representative of your brand, not just your business, or just you, but your brand. In other words, post about the books you’re reading, the trips you’re taking, and the shoots you’re in. People want to get to know you, so you should make sure every picture would attract (or repel) potential clients and allow them to like you before they even meet you. Here are a few other awesome ideas to get you inspired and showing off your awesomeness even better. P.S. - do me a favor, don't over-saturate the feed - it's just annoying and can cost you followers. #justsayin... ;-)

Pinterest:  Use it to help your clients. Create inspiration boards, outfit suggestion boards, wedding day advice. etc. This graphic gives a few tips to optimize your Pinterest marketing as well. 

Google Plus: Set up your google authorship and link your blog to your account. Whether you blog often or not, you want your face there. Especially if you have a pretty face. The Modern Tog wrote a great article about why you need google plus, and I found this infographic really informative as well. 

 BlogDo not repeat the same keywords in your titles (Greensboro Wedding Photographer). All you end up doing is competing with yourself and EVERYONE in Greensboro, for the same exact spot. Write naturally, use your venues, or your clients names, or the style of the wedding. Think about what bride you’re trying to attract and use that, instead of being redundant. Check out this TMT post to make sure you're doing everything you can to optimize your blog.


If you are looking for a good SEO reference guide from one of the smartest guys ever, then you should definitely purchase the SEO Cookbook: Recipes to Rank Higher by Zach Prez. It's a great book, really easy to understand and can really help take your SEO to another level. 

*Side Note: This is an affiliate link, so I get a commission if you happen to buy the book, but i only sign up to promote items and companies I LOVE. You can always purchase directly from here

In addition, be sure to check out The Modern Tog. Jamie is constantly sharing the most recent social media updates and other photography related topics and is a great resource for photography newbies and veterans alike!

I hope you learned a little something today. I'm by no means a social media expert, but i have done a lot of trial and error, and I've also seen results. Perhaps you'll have the same result on your end by applying just a few of the tips I shared today. And if so, that would be awesome! :D

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely Friday!  


Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States