You've got a superpower, and we're pretty sure no one else has it. What is it?

It's YOU.

Your wit, your charm, even your awkwardness.

I want to take the guess work out of learning how to harness your skills, by offering professional writing and photography services to help you find, connect, and collaborate with your dream clients. 


Show off Your Face...

(photo services)

The absolute best way for someone to get to know you is to show them your shining, happy smile! Using photography, I'll help you visually display your personality, your voice, and your brand, helping you connect with your perfect client on a deeper level.


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...and Find Your Voice.

(consulting Services)

One of the key components to building your brand is establishing your target market, and creating a voice for your brand. I'll help you find that voice, and use it throughout your social platforms.

shoots + Ideas + tips

Love Letters for NC Wedding Photo & Video Company | Silver Feather Studios
Just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you. I appreciate all of those long talks this summer about targeting MY clients and deciding to not work for those that I knew were not my ideal client. I’ll admit, I thought you were full of it! haha But for some reason, I decided to start making subtle changes in what I was doing just to see if it worked. Well… It did. And I am so very thankful for your advice. I’ve booked some of the coolest people since this summer, and 2016 is gearing up to be the most rewarding and fulfilling year of my career.
— Jordan Tickle Photography