Nikon D5000 | Burlington, NC Lifestyle Photographer

I've been a film junkie for years now. Since I learned photography with my handy-dandy Canon EOS Rebel, I only used black and white film. To me, you couldn't get much better quality than that. Digital always lost something, like the photo had somehow lost the soul, the personality I try so hard to find. Of course I know A LOT of people who would disagree, and I have to admit, I've slowly come around to the idea that digital isn't so bad and goodness gracious I better keep up with the 21st Century.

But if I was going to switch from film to digital, I knew I had to do it big. It had to be a GREAT camera with a quality that critics raved about. And I think I found it! The Nikon D5000 seems like a great transitional camera. It has some great features, but since I'm relatively new to digital, I'm going to have to study up on those. Good thing I'm a fast learner! :-) Can't wait to try out my new camera - I'll have to let you know how it goes!


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