Philadelphia Engagement Session | Janine & Devon

He had one goal - to surprise her. She had packed up her things and moved from North Carolina to Philadelphia, for him. And he couldn't be happier. So under the disguise of "celebrating his new promotion" he took her for a walk down the streets of Manayunk, Philadelphia, casually allowing her to select the delicious Italian restaurant they selected for dinner. And as she laughed, smiled, and dazzled him with her entire being, he turned that normal evening into one she'd never forget. And without him even asking - she said yes. 

Janine & Devon, we are sooo happy to have the opportunity to document the love you share. And to have been able to come to Philadelphia to photograph in a place that means so much to you, we are truly thankful. I'm so glad that a flat tire, rain, and darkness couldn't keep us from showing just how truly in love you are! We cannot wait until your spring wedding next year!

Much Love,

Ariana & Brian

The engagement trailer...