The year 2009... | Burlington, NC Lifestyle Photographer

A word from Ariana:

In 2009 I attended five weddings, ten bridal showers, three graduation parties, one baby shower, one graduation, and one engagement. I planned my own wedding, was a maid of honor in my best friend's (and co-photographers) wedding, was a bridesmaid in a third wedding, planned four of the ten bridal showers i attended, helped with the baby shower and two of the graduation parties, and was the sole paparazzi of the oh-so-romantic engagement.

So guess how many of these events I caught on camera? Out of all twenty incredibly special events? TEN! And they're some of the most unexpected pictures I've ever taken! The wonderful part was that since I was so closely involved most of the time, I had the glorious opportunity to always be behind the scenes. The photographs I took were things nobody else had the opportunity to see - like my best friend putting on her fake eyelashes for her wedding, or my dear friend getting her hair done. I got to be there all day, snapping away at every chance i got. 

I look back on the past year and think, what will make Faces In Focus different from everybody else? And i know what it is. It's getting to know my client, establishing a friendship, and becoming their eyes from the moment they begin that day to the moment it ends - whether it's a graduation or bridal shower, an engagement shoot or a wedding. It doesn't matter, because no one can see everything that goes on, but maybe two people can. And three people? Well that's the icing on the cake!

So what will YOU get from Faces In Focus? All the time you need, two extra pairs of eyes, and everything you didn't know you missed forever etched onto photographic paper. At a price that you won't drop your jaw at either. But that's just a minor plus.


Forever etched,