You've got a superpower. 

AND we're pretty sure no one else has it. What is it?

It's YOU.

Your wit, your charm, even your awkwardness.


I know you boo.


You're skilled, smart, and have a secret obsession with something fabulous (cats, probably). 

But if no one else knows that about you, they're missing out on a key component of your business:

your personal brand.

Let me show them what they're missing.


What's included in a
personal brand session?

Every business (and boss behind it) has it's own unique needs for their own personal brand.

Every session will include a in-person brand consultation to determine the direction and goals of your business, followed by a photo shoot that perfectly meets those needs!

Choose from a two, four, or eight hour session window to document every angle of your business.

Sessions begin at $300.

Click on the link below to schedule a consultation!


bosses who slay and shine

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alex reagon


Just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you. I appreciate all of those long talks this summer about targeting MY clients and deciding to not work for those that I knew were not my ideal client. I’ll admit, I thought you were full of it! haha But for some reason, I decided to start making subtle changes in what I was doing just to see if it worked. Well… It did. And I am so very thankful for your advice. I’ve booked some of the coolest people since this summer, and 2016 is gearing up to be the most rewarding and fulfilling year of my career.
— Jordan